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Luxury Cruise T-Shirts

We are committed to providing you with high-quality T-shirts that you will be proud to wear on land and on your next cruise.

Luxury Cruise T-Shirts is a company created by 2 best friends who bonded over their love for traveling. They decided to start a business that shared their passion for cruising around the world.

Where FUN Meets Fashion!

Celebrate in style on your next cruise! As avid cruisers, we are proud to create, wear, and share the shirts you’ll be proud to wear when you celebrate your special events with your friends, family, and fellow cruisers.

Happy Birthday!

A birthday is the perfect reason to celebrate on a ship. We have styles for your Birthday as well as for your Birthday Squad.

Family Reunion!

I love seeing groups with matching shirts on our cruises. Showcase your organization, friend celebration, and family reunion in style with coordinated shirts.

Drink Around The Ship!

Do you love a scavenger hunt? Enjoy a beverage at the most popular bars on the ship. What else is the Drink Package for?

Bachelor & Bachelorette Cruises!

Celebrate with your “I DO” Squad in style!

The Drink Package is sold separately!

Marriage, Weddings, and I Do!

Marriage is what brings us together today. Marriage, that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream! PLUS, we’re on a SHIP!!! πŸš’πŸ’

Dad-chelor Cruises!

Is this a thing? Heck yeah, it is! Grab your best pals, jump on a ship, and enjoy the last time you get to CHOOSE not to sleep!

First Cruise T-Shirts!

It’s your first time on a cruise ship? That’s a great reason to CELEBRATE!

Just Because Cruise Shirts!

Cruise Life! It’s a thing!

We went on 25 cruises in 2023! Are we addicted?

Seasonal & Holiday Cruise Vacation Shirts!

It’s super fun to celebrate holidays on a cruise ship! Bring the family & friends! Remember to get matching shirts!


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Do You Need A Custom Design?

  • Do You Have A Special Occasion You Are Celebrating?
  • We Can Customize Your T-Shirt Design.
  • Minimum Order Applies.

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β€œI’ve used my Birthday Squad T-Shirt on 3 seperate cruises and it still looks great!”

Cynthia P.

HAPPY CUSTOMER, Navigator of the Seas

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