What Bars & Lounges Are On The Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas?




For your convenience, we have printed our favorite Navigator of the Seas Bars & Lounges onto this very comfortable T-shirt. With 40 different color combos and 6 different sizes, we hope you’ll find your favorite option to wear when you Drink Around the Ship on your next Navigator of the Seas cruise. Cheers! πŸ₯‚

So, how many bars and lounges are on the Navigator of the Seas?

Great question! On the shirt above, we have featured 11 of our favorite bars, but in fact, there are even more than that. Some of the bars not listed on the shirt can be found in the Royal Theater or at various eating establishments like Johnny Rockets, Cafe Promenade, and the Windjammer. I’ve mentioned 16 bars & lounges in this blog post.

  • The Bamboo Room
  • Copper & Clover Pub
  • Schooner Bar
  • The Casino Bar
  • Boleros
  • Star Lounge
  • Crown Lounge
  • Playmakers Bar & Arcade
  • “R” Bar
  • Windjammer Bar
  • Lime & Coconut
  • Solarium Bar
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Cosmopolitan Club
  • Viking Crown Lounge
  • Suite Lounge


The Bamboo Room is my Favorite!

Over the past several years I have transitioned from bow ties and dress shirts πŸ‘” to a closet full of 🌺 Hawaiian Shirts. Tiki Culture has always been interesting to me and when I reorganized my kitchen cabinets, I was surprised to discover I have a growing Tiki Mug collection. πŸ—Ώ

When I’m visiting a new town, I usually look up the local Tiki Bar(s). I love the vibe, music, and decor of these nostalgic watering holes. The drinks are strong and many of them feature my favorite fruit. 🍍

The Bamboo Room is on Deck 5 in the center of the Royal Promenade. When enter the bar and pass under the thatched bamboo entryway you’ll be transported to a wonderful hideaway, which somehow feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of the Royal Promenade.

There are several booths and tables inside the Bamboo Room where you can enjoy a cocktail and fun conversation with your drinking buddies. When the bar is slow, this is one of my favorite places to break out a deck of cards and enjoy a game as I sip my delicious cocktail.

The bartenders are knowledgeable and the menus feature several Tiki Classics. If there’s a drink you want, but don’t see on the menu, I’m sure they can whip it up for you. I’m still working my way through the drink menu. When I complete the list, I’ll add another Tiki Mug to the growing collection.

Cliff is the star of the bar, and if you have enough tiki drinks, you may see him pop in and out of the photos around the bar.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy The Bamboo Room as much as we do!


If I’m ranking the specialty bars, (which I guess I am unconsciously doing), the Copper & Clover ranks in at #2. I love a good pub and this one does a great job of bringing my favorite bar elements together.

They have Guinness on tap which always brings a smile to my face. The Copper & Clover has a full bar and several delicious beers on tap. For some reason this bar tends to be less busy than most, so when I’m short on time, I usually duck in here to grab a wine for the wife, or a pint for myself. 🍷🍺

The Copper & Clover Pub also hosts live music. Usually, a guitarist with a microphone singing toe tapping melodies. Be sure to check the schedule for their showtimes because this bar is cozy and can get packed quickly.

If you are able to find a table in front of the bar you’ll have a front row seat to most of the entertainment happening on the Royal Promenade throughout the afternoon and evening. You’ll have a great view of The Royal Orchestra and the Dance Parties from this bar.


The Schooner Bar is on Deck 4. They have 2 of my favorite drinks on their menu, so I will pop in when I’m craving a liquid dessert. The Toasted Marshmallow Old Fashioned and the Peanut Butter Tropic are sweet, but not as sweet as I thought they would be.

The Schooner Bar is the site for several activities throughout the day. This is usually one of the locations for TRIVIA. This bar also features a piano, so don’t be surprised when the Schooner becomes a Piano Bar in the evenings.

The photo above, is similar to the photo below. The big difference is that the photo below shows an entryway to the adult arcade, AKA the Casino Royale.


Where is the Casino Bar? It’s located on Deck 4 in the center of Casino Royale.

This is one of my favorite bars on the ship. Why? Maybe it’s because a seat at the Casino Bar feels insulated from the cacophony of sound from all the bells and whistles and laughter and commotion. A seat at the Casino Bar is a safe viewing seat for all the action, without being in the action.

The Casino Bar is where we have met many of the bartenders on the Navigator of the Seas. To keep things fresh, the bartenders rotate to different bars on the ship every several cruises or so. On the first day of our Navigator Cruise we usually visit all the bars on the Navigator to see who has moved and where they will be stationed for the duration of our cruise.

The bartenders here are efficient and friendly and keep the gamblers happy. Oh look, a new slot machine! I’ll be right back! 🎰


Boleros is located on Deck 4 and will be one of the first bars you see when you board the Navigator of the Seas. For reference, the Casino Royale sits between the Boleros (aft) and Schooner Bar (forward).

If you enjoy LIVE music, this is one of the HOTTEST bars on the ship. Boleros tends to feature delicious rum drinks, so if that’s your flavor, you’ve found your spot.

Throughout the day LIVE bands will play at the Boleros Stage. If you’re feeling the urge to dance, the dance floor is only a few steps away. πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ


The Star Lounge is located on Deck 5, Forward.

This is a multi-purpose venue and is used for quite a few different activities. In the past, I have been in the Star Lounge for game shows, trivia, karaoke, live band karaoke, and dance classes.

Once I’m onboard the cruise ship, I can’t tell where the front and back of the ship are unless I go outside and look at the ocean to see which way we are traveling.

The Star Lounge is located at the FRONT of the ship. When you’re onboard, you can use the nautical term FORWARD and you’ll fit right in with the seasoned cruisers.

If I get turned around and I’m on Deck 5, when I see the Star Lounge I know where FORWARD is and which way is AFT. The BOW is also FORWARD, and STERN is AFT.

Another tip for the ship. When you’re facing FORWARD, Starboard is on the RIGHT, and PORT is LEFT. (Port and Left both have 4 letters, which is how I remember these terms).

The Star Lounge features a full bar. If there is an event going on in the Star Lounge, you have the option of ordering at the bar, or from one of the many cocktail waiters who will bring your drinks to your table.


If you’re looking for the Crown Lounge, you will find it on the right-hand (Starboard) side of the corridor before entering the Star Lounge venue.

The drinks in the Crown Lounge come from the Star Lounge, so if you’re new to Royal Caribbean cruises don’t fret. The drinks come from the SAME bar.

What is the Crown Lounge? The Crown Lounge is open to guests who have 100 points and above. At 100 points you become Diamond, at 175 points you become Diamond Plus, and at 750 points you become Pinnacle.

How do you get points? For every night you sail with Royal Caribbean you’ll earn 1 point. If your target is to become Diamond ASAP, you’ll be happy to know there are ways to earn additional points per night.

A Grand Suite will earn you double the points. If you SOLO cruise, instead of share a room, you can earn double the points. This also means you can earn 4X the points if you SOLO cruise in a Grand Suite, but where’s the fun in that?

Just keep on cruising, enjoy your vacation, and the points will stack up before you know it.


On Deck 5, directly across from the Promenade Cafe, you’ll be sure to spot the lively sports bar called Playmakers Bar & Arcade

This is one of the restaurants onboard where food is NOT included in your regular cruise fare. It’s a bit extra, but not outrageously priced.

The french fries 🍟 are delicious and the chicken wings are popular. You can even find an IMPOSSIBLE burger πŸ” on the menu for about $12.

If you’re a sports fan, there’s a good chance you’ll find your game on one of the many screens here at this bar.

When there’s a big game, fans may expand out of the bar and into the Royal Promenade. These photos were taken during the 2024 Super Bowl Weekend Cruise.

You’ll also find a pool table, foosball, and a few classic arcade games at this bar. If you enjoy the sportsbar vibe, you’ll be at home at Playmakers.


The “R” Bar is located on Deck 5. This is the bar I’ll visit when someone in my party needs to visit Guest Services. 

On our most recent Cruising For Burritos Fundraiser, there were several people in our group who fell in love with this bar. 

I would see them there EVERY time I walked by the bar. When I commented on this they replied in unison, if you’re ever looking for us, you’ll find us at OUR BAR. It wasn’t until the next cruise that I realized they made PUN of me. πŸ€£

The “R” Bar does it all. Maybe I’ll see you there the next time I walk by the bar. 


The Windjammer is located on deck 11. After you pass the washy washy station, the first thing you may notice is the bar. 

If you have a soda package or drink package, this is where you can order a drink that is stronger than tea, lemonade, or water. 

My recommendation for this bar is the espresso martini. This is one of the few locations onboard with an espresso machine. If you enjoy fresh coffee  I think you’ll enjoy the espresso martini here. β˜•πŸΈ


Where’s the party at? It’s at the Lime and Coconut. This bar serves the pools on the upper deck and is at the center of the action.

This bar spans 3 decks with the topmost deck hosting the highest views of the party.

This is a view of the pool area and the Lime & Coconut from the observation deck at the Cosmopolitan Club on Deck 14.

You can enjoy the taste the Caribbean with practically every drink at the Lime & Coconut. They feature tropical rum drinks, but you can deviate from their specialties if you’re craving something different.


The Solarium on deck 11 is the Adult Section of the ship where you’ll find a pool, 2 hot tubs, and of course the Solarium Bar.

If you’re enjoying the hot tub, there are plenty of drink servers who will bring a refreshing beverage right to you.

The Solarium Bar has it all, and like the Lime & Coconut, it’s menu leans towards the tropical rum drinks.


Johnny Rockets is located on Deck 11.

This is another one of the restaurants where you will need to pay a bit EXTRA if you’re craving a specialty burger πŸ” and fries 🍟.

(If you’re hungry, but don’t want to pay extra money, you can walk to Loco Fresh about 200 paces away and enjoy a Mexican Inspired snack).

Johnny Rockets features a full bar, but my recommendation is the Adult Milkshake.

My wife LOVES to order a peanut πŸ₯œ butter chocolate 🍫 milkshake with rum. πŸ₯ƒ.

She says if you’re not happy with the Adult milkshake, she’ll treat you to a slice of pizza πŸ• from the Promenade Cafe. 😁


This may be the most underrated bar location on the Navigator of the Seas

During the day, this is one of my favorite places to enjoy the panoramic view. 

Sometimes, I sneak up here with my laptop to squeeze in a little work time. Usually, there are plenty of seats available near the windows. You can relax with a book or conversation with a friend. 

During the evening this venue gets a bit livelier. Check your CRUISE COMPASS for a list of activities held during your trip. 

In the past, I’ve seen dance lessons, karaoke, the silent disco, late-night dancing,  and mixers held at the Cosmopolitan Club

If you happen to be staying in a Suite, this is where you’ll find access to the Suite Lounge. Drinks served in the Suite Lounge are made at the Cosmopolitan Bar

The Suite Lounge has additional seating and a private outdoor patio. This is one of the other areas on the ship with an espresso machine. β˜•

Have fun exploring all the bars and lounges on the Navigator of the Seas.

Cheers! πŸ₯‚

Happy Cruising! πŸ’ŽπŸš’πŸ‘•



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